Women and Our Money:  Knowing It; Growing It and Giving It 

No matter a person’s age or working status, having control over our own finances is inextricably linked to our physiological health and well-being. 

The Women's Collective Philanthropy Program (WCPP), organizer of the annual Pearls of Wisdom gathering, held October 27, 2013, sought to address the challenge for women with the topic: Women and Our Money: Knowing It; Growing It and Giving It. 

“We often hear, 'if you don't have your health than what do you have?’ ” said Dr. Janet Dollin, an Ottawa family doctor and WCPP board member. “I will expand that to say 'if you don't have control of your wealth (however little or much there might be of it) then you will never have your health.’ ”

According to Dr. Dollin, our spending and saving habits and attitudes literally can make us ill. "I regularly see young women with insomnia, as just a few life cycle examples, relating to their financial insecurity." 

There are many reasons women are resistant to knowing their finances and taking control of their money, and Dr. Moira Somers a Winnipeg-based psychologist, coach and financial change expert provided some practical advice for getting past the initial trepidation in a videotaped message (Click here to view her video).Guests also heard from Diane Koven, a Certified Financial Planner and member of WCPP, who discussed the practical side of financial planning, and how women, regardless of their financial circumstance, can take the first steps in getting on track. Lynne Oreck-Wener, Past Chair of the WCPP and current Chair of the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation, gave examples of the many ways women can empower themselves to be philanthropic, regardless of the size of their donation. Andrea Freedman, President and CEO of both the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, moderated the discussion. 

For more information and tips on financial planning, please click here to visit Dr. Somers' website. (NOTE: The content on this web site is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice or an opinion of any kind.)

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