Our Story

The Foundation's leadership is structured on dedicated volunteers and professionals who serve the Foundation and provide valuable leadership as members of the Board; as Executive Officers; as Chair of the Foundation; as committee members and staff members.

The Board is responsible for the overall policies, practices and governance of the Foundation.  Our Board members and staff look forward to working with you to fulfill your philanthropic objectives for the common good of our growing community.

Leadership June 2017 to June 2018

Gillie Vered

Lawrence Weinstein
Vice Chair 

Michael Landau
Past Chair

Adina Libin 
Finance and Audit Committee

Paul Finn 
Board Member
GJ Cooper Scholarship Committee

Jonathan Freedman
Board Member

Mitchell Leitman
Board Member

Sandy Pollack
Board Member

Lorne Segal
Board Member

Fred Seller
Board Member

Lawrence Soloway
Board Member

Debbie Weinstein
Board Member

Ken Wright
Board Member

Harold Feder
Honourary Legal Counsel


Professional Staff

Andrea Freedman
CEO and President 

Erin Bolling-Bleichman
Tribute Card Coordinator
and Development Assistant

Leslie Kaufman
Vice President,
Corporate Services

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